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Slidell Mardi Gras Parades: Krewe of Selene

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In the heart of Slidell, where Mardi Gras transforms the town into a vibrant canvas of colors and traditions, the Krewe of Selene emerges as a captivating chapter of elegance and community spirit. This Friday night spectacle, preceding Mardi Gras day, transcends the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark on the community. Let’s embark on a comprehensive exploration of the Krewe of Selene, unraveling its rich history, symbolism, and the enchanting details that make it an unmissable event.

Krewe of Selene: Origins, Symbolism, and Community Spirit

krewe of selene
Krewe of Selene lighted parade float. Source:

Founded in 1998 by a group of local professional women, the Krewe of Selene has evolved into a community force boasting 300 members. The very name, Selene, inspired by the Greek goddess of the moon, signifies the krewe’s commitment to radiate beauty and light throughout the community. 

Beyond the glittering parades, Selene actively engages in impactful community outreach, supporting initiatives such as school supply drives, food drives, and the Fight Cancer Float bead drive. It has earned a reputation not just for its first-class parade but also for its unwavering generosity with throws, becoming a shining beacon of community spirit.

Navigating the Krewe of Selene Parade Route

krewe of selene
Krewe of Selene parade route. Source:

The magical journey of the Krewe of Selene commences at the intersection of Spartan Drive and Highway 11. Navigating along Highway 11 and turning onto Highway 190 (Gause), the parade concludes its route at the intersection of Corporate Square Drive (Rouses). This procession, a visual masterpiece, is marked by 17 floats, each intricately crafted by Mardi Gras Decorators. 

One way Selene distinguishes itself from the other parades is its signature throw – the hand-made, elaborately decorated purses. These coveted Selene Purses, designed in various ways, reflect the rider’s float theme, the yearly theme, or the vibrant culture of New Orleans, adding a unique and personalized touch to the parade.

Krewe of Selene handmade purse throw
Signature handmade purse throw from the Krewe of Selene. Source: Facebook

Key Figures of the Krewe of Selene

As the parade date approaches, the anticipation builds for the announcement of key figures such as Queen and King Selene, along with the Grand Marshal. This adds an extra layer of excitement, transforming the parade into a community-wide celebration. Initiatives like Ladies for Liberty and the Fight Cancer Float bead drive further exemplify Selene’s commitment to making a positive impact beyond the glittering floats. The community spirit is not merely a spectator’s experience but an active engagement with the causes that matter.

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