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When is Crawfish Season 2024? Everything You Need to Know

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Crawfish season marks a highly anticipated time of the year, particularly in New Orleans, where this tradition holds a special significance for locals. Referred to as crayfish, crawdads, or mudbugs by some, in New Orleans, they are simply CRAWFISH—whether they hail from basins, spillways, or ponds. Engaged in the tradition for a lifetime, we hold a deep appreciation for the New Orleans custom of enjoying leisurely crawfish boils each spring! 

What is Crawfish Season? 

Man in a boat harvesting crawfish during Crawfish Season 2024
Harvesting crawfish. Source:

Crawfish season is more than just a time for feasting; it’s a cultural celebration deeply rooted in Louisiana’s heritage. Influenced by factors like weather and temperature, this season marks the beginning of a culinary journey that resonates across the city. Crawfish are freshwater crustaceans, and Louisiana boasts over thirty different species. However, only two species, the red swamp crawfish and the white river crawfish, are commercially important to the industry. 

When Does Crawfish Season Start? 

Sack of live crawfish during Crawfish Season 2024
Live crawfish sack. Source:

In New Orleans, the start of crawfish season is a topic of great anticipation. The typical start date varies, with local traditions and weather conditions playing a pivotal role. Whether it’s the warmth of early spring or the arrival of certain temperatures, New Orleanians eagerly await the signal to kick off their crawfish boils. The 2024 season is starting out slow due to drought conditions in the city, and crawfish are more expensive than normally found this time of year.  

Where Can You Find the Best Crawfish in New Orleans? 

From Uptown to Mid-City, each area boasts its unique crawfish culture. Discover regional variations and engage in the festivities of crawfish festivals that unite communities to relish this delightful crustacean: 

Frankie and Johnny’s

Nestled Uptown, Frankie and Johnny’s stand out as a local gem, celebrated for its bold and flavorful, award-winning crawfish. This laid-back, family-friendly eatery guarantees a memorable outing for crawfish aficionados. 

crawfish season 2024
Front entrance of Frankie & Johnny's. Source:

Cajun Seafood

Follow the alluring scent of boiling seafood to Cajun Seafood, where your senses will be captivated long before you peruse the menu. With multiple locations across the New Orleans metro area, this spot offers a generous serving of flavorsome crawfish to satisfy your cravings. 

Superior Seafood

For those yearning for a more refined crawfish encounter, Superior Seafood, situated along the famed St. Charles Avenue, beckons. Providing on-site and catering options, Superior Seafood ensures a lavish and gratifying crawfish banquet. 

Clesi’s Crawfish and Catering

As the name implies, Clesi’s is the destination for freshly boiled crawfish. Swing by for a delightful crawfish experience or enlist them to cater your gatherings, bringing the New Orleans tradition straight to your table. 

Clesi's Seafood in New Orleans
Clesi's Seafood. Source: Facebook

BOIL Seafood House

Embark on a gastronomic journey at BOIL Seafood House on bustling Magazine Street, where you can savor Vietnamese-style crawfish, often dubbed Viet-Cajun. Treat your taste buds to these flavorful crawfish infused with garlic butter. 

Blue Crab

Head to Blue Crab for a distinctive experience of relishing boiled crawfish on the shores of Lake Pontchartrain. Bask in the fresh air and complement your crawfish feast with a revitalizing frozen cocktail for the quintessential New Orleans culinary adventure. 

From Crawfish Feasts to Wilderness Retreat 

If you’ve explored the diverse crawfish cultures across Uptown, Mid-City, and the shores of Lake Pontchartrain, complete your New Orleans experience with a Pearl River VIP Swamp Tour. Revel in the tranquility of winding bayous and sloughs, encountering wildlife like alligators, deer, and even the occasional Florida panther. This crawfish season, treat yourself to the ultimate fusion of culinary delight and ecological exploration, seamlessly blending the richness of New Orleans crawfish tradition with the unparalleled beauty of the Honey Island Swamp!

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