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Guests taking a Pearl River Swamp Tour
Bird flying across the water in the Honey Island Swamp
Alligator resting on the riverbank in the Honey Island Swamp

Pearl River Swamp Tours

At Pearl River Swamp Tours, we offer some of the smallest tour boats in the industry.

Utilizing these smaller vessels allows us the ability to journey deep into the wetlands of Louisiana’s crown jewel, the Honey Island Swamp. With a smaller group, you will see all that the swamp has to offer. Don’t get fooled into choosing a 40-90 passenger tour through only the outskirts of the swamp when you can actually go into the swamp on one of our tours! Our small tour boats are quiet (unlike an airboat) which allows you a better chance at getting an up-close view of an alligator or a wild pig. The Honey Island Swamp is approximately 250 sq. miles and is home to alligators, deer, exotic waterfowl, black bears, wild boar and much more! Some even report sighting of large, man-like creatures roaming this legendary wilderness.

Swamp Tours

Our covered passenger boats allow you to journey deep into the wetlands of Louisiana’s crown jewel, The Honey Island Swamp. Our group tour boats can accommodate up to 22 passengers.

Adults $59.75 | Children $38.75

VIP Swamp Tour

Journey into untouched wilderness in one of our smallest, custom VIP passenger skiffs that accommodate 10-12 people.  Our custom built skiffs run in inches of water, similar to an airboat, but without the loud engine.

Adults & Children age 13+  $93.75 

VIP Luxury Transportation

Our climate-controlled transportation buses are designed for your supreme comfort, with powerful air conditioning, air ride technology, and seamless windows for uninterrupted views.

Why Choose Us?

We do swamp tours and nothing else. We do what we love, and we do it better than anyone else!

We have excellent captains who are knowledgeable about the flora and fauna of this area and are dedicated to doing more than just giving a swamp tour. Our captains desire to take you on an incredible adventure that leaves you with a true sense of what this life is all about. We want to share their wonderful world in the Honey Island Swamp with you.

We are dedicated to preserving the Honey Island Swamp and the animals which inhabit this beautiful Pearl River ecosystem. This is the home of the amazingly adaptable alligator, but it’s also our home and we choose to live here with these beautiful creatures at our door. We take the preservation of these and all the animals of the swamp very seriously. We feel that once you join us on your adventure of a lifetime, you too will see the importance of preserving this beautiful piece of America.

We work in the swamp, we live in the swamp,
we play in the swamp… we are the swamp!
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