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Top 3 Hurricanes That Hit New Orleans

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New Orleans – a city steeped in history and culture – has long faced numerous hurricanes throughout its existence. These powerful storms have not only shaped the city’s development but have also tested its resilience. From the infamous Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to the historic Hurricane Betsy in 1965, each storm has left an indelible mark on New Orleans. Nevertheless, despite these challenges, the city has persevered, emerging stronger each time. This dynamic city, with its unparalleled music, food, and architecture, remains a shining example of strength and perseverance that continues to inspire the world.

Hurricane Audrey 1957 

Hurricanes that hit New Orleans 1957 picture of man walking after hurricane Audrey struck New Orleans

Originating from a tropical wave in June 1957, Hurricane Audrey created unparalleled destruction. Remarkably, it was the one of the deadliest June hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic basin, reaching Category 4 intensity earlier than expected. New Orleans endured impactful damage from a tornado caused by Audrey.

After the hurricane made landfall, it veered northeast and quickly weakened. Sadly, Audrey is Louisiana’s third deadliest hurricane and the seventh deadliest in modern U.S. history, claiming over 500 lives and countless more lost to the storm’s surge, especially in Cameron and Vermilion parishes. Audrey stands as one of the earliest and most potent June hurricanes to lash Louisiana and the United States. 

Hurricane Betsy 1965 

Hurricanes that hit New Orleans 1965 picture of the aftermath of Betsy

On September 9, 1965, the world witnessed the devastating power of Hurricane Betsy as it hit Louisiana and marked history as the first Atlantic storm to cause damages exceeding $1 billion. This tropical storm also unleashed its fury upon New Orleans, causing extensive flooding with a 10-foot storm surge and leaving a death toll of up to 80 people. 

With wind gusts exceeding 100 mph, Hurricane Betsy wreaked havoc in Southeast Louisiana and submerged over 164,000 homes, forcing residents to take refuge on their rooftops. Despite the overwhelming destruction, an unprecedented relief effort and the resilience of the community helped towards a successful recovery. 

Hurricane Katrina 2005 

Hurricanes that hit New Orleans Katrina 2005 floodwaters and damage aerial view
Photographer: Mark Moran

Hurricane Katrina, the most infamous hurricane to hit New Orleans, made landfall in 2005 and unleashed a catastrophic chain of events. Emerging as a tropical storm on August 24, 2005, Hurricane Katrina swiftly intensified, making landfall in southeast Louisiana on August 29 as a Category 3 hurricane with fierce winds clocking in at 140 miles per hour.

With an estimated death toll of 1,833 and the displacement of countless individuals, Hurricane Katrina left an unparalleled trail of devastation in its wake. Homelessness plagued the Gulf Coast and New Orleans after Katrina, bearing witness to the immense human toll of this catastrophic storm. Financially, the aftermath was equally staggering, as the hurricane racked up a tremendous $161 billion in damages, cementing its place as the costliest hurricane ever recorded in the United States.

In the years following Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans embarked on a long and arduous journey of recovery, undertaking extensive efforts to rebuild its infrastructure, improve its flood defenses, and provide support to its resilient communities.

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