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Festivals in New Orleans – Treme Fall Fest

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Discover the alluring city of New Orleans, home to a vibrant culture and a multitude of festivals. Among the city’s many fascinating celebrations, the Treme Fall Fest is a shining example of New Orleans’ unique heritage. Located in the historic Treme neighborhood, this festival perfectly embodies the city’s spirit through music, food, art, and community engagement. Prepare to fully immerse yourself in the soulful rhythms and irresistible charm of this beloved celebration, witnessing firsthand the rich culture that New Orleans is most famous for.

History and Significance of Treme Fall Fest 

festivals in new orleans inside the historical St. Augustine Church

The Tremé Fall Festival is an annual event that pays homage to Tremé, a neighborhood with a rich and vibrant history in New Orleans. Tremé provided a sanctuary for free people of color to own property long before it was commonplace. Over time, the area became a cultural crossroad that bridged the gap between white and black communities. 

Tremé’s musical legacy originated in its back streets and resonated across the globe. At its core stands St. Augustine Church, the oldest African-American Catholic church in the country. Jazz, intimately intertwined with Tremé, finds homage in Armstrong Park, a tribute to the iconic Louis Armstrong, and Congo Square, where enslaved individuals once united to compose and share their musical expressions. 

Dates, Location, and Admission 

festivals in new orleans treme fall festival crafts
Photographer: Rebecca Ratliff

Mark your calendars for a spectacular Saturday on October 21, 2023, as the Treme Fall Fest takes center stage. From 11 AM to 7 PM, treat yourself and your family to the festivities at the iconic St. Augustine Church, nestled at 1210 Governor Nicholls St. in the heart of Treme.

Admission to this exciting event is free for all, welcoming everyone to partake in the celebration of Treme’s rich culture and heritage. While entry is complimentary, donations are warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated to support the legendary St. Augustine Church. 

Food and Entertainment 

festivals in new orleans treme fest performers

Indulge your taste buds and immerse yourself in a world of entertainment at the Treme Fall Festival. Food lovers will be delighted by an array of options, with food trucks and vendors representing some of New Orleans’ top eateries. Prepare to savor a diverse range of cuisine, including mouthwatering Creole, Cajun specialties, and beloved New Orleans favorites. 

While satisfying your appetite, engage your little ones in an array of children’s activities, such as painting and building projects, accompanied by lively entertainment. Additionally, enjoy the opportunity for free health screenings and take captivating tours of the historic St. Augustine Church during this amazing event. 

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