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Best St. Tammany Parish Activities for Kids

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St. Tammany Parish is a hidden gem nestled in Louisiana, offering an abundance of family-friendly activities for an unforgettable vacation. When planning a trip with kids, it’s essential to find engaging and enjoyable experiences that cater to their interests. Thankfully, this popular side of Louisiana boasts a wide range of attractions that will captivate the imaginations of children and provide lasting memories. From exploring the wonders of nature to getting up close with animals, St. Tammany Parish has something for every young adventurer seeking fun and enrichment. 

Insta-Gator Ranch and Hatchery 

St. Tammany Parish activities kids playing at the insta-gator ranch

At Insta-Gator Ranch and Hatchery in Covington Louisiana, kids have the unique opportunity to engage with one of nature’s most fascinating creatures – alligators. This educational facility offers an immersive experience where children can learn about alligators, their habitats, and conservation efforts.  

Notably, the highlight of the visit is undoubtedly the chance to get up close and personal with baby alligators. Kids can hold and even snap memorable pictures with these adorable reptiles, creating lasting memories and fostering a deeper appreciation for the natural world. Insta-Gator Ranch and Hatchery provides an unforgettable hands-on experience that combines education and fun in an enchanting way. 

Children’s Museum of St. Tammany 

St. Tammany Parish activities inside the children's museum with colorful shaped toys

Situated in Mandeville, the Children’s Museum of St. Tammany sparks the imagination of young minds through an immersive and interactive learning environment. With a strong focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), the museum encourages children to explore, discover, and embrace early learning through the power of play and art. From props and costumes to puppets and musical instruments, the museums exhibits create a dynamic space for children to perform and showcase their talents.  

Additionally, the Natural Wonders exhibit provides a captivating investigative area where children can delve into topics like wetlands, indigenous species, entomology, conservation, recycling, gardening, and food production. The museum offers a diverse range of experiences that engage children’s curiosity, foster creativity, and expand their knowledge. 

Altitude Trampoline Park 

st. tammany parish activities

Located in Slidell, Altitude Trampoline Park is a haven for children of all ages, offering a thrilling and energetic experience. With a wide range of attractions, kids have the chance to unleash their agility and let their energy soar. From the performance trampolines and foam pit to the trampoline basketball court, there’s no shortage of fun and excitement. This indoor park also boasts an exhilarating ninja course featuring a variety of obstacle courses, providing an extra dose of challenge and adventure. Altitude Trampoline Park is the perfect destination for active kids looking to bounce, leap, and test their skills in an action-packed environment. 

Other Things to do in Slidell this Weekend with Kids 

Embark on an unforgettable adventure on an enchanting Honey Island Swamp tour in Slidell, making it an ideal kid-friendly activity in St. Tammany Parish. The Pearl River Swamp tour offers an educational and entertaining experience where children can get up-close and personal with fascinating animals.  

As they cruise through the swamp’s picturesque waterways, parents and kids alike will have the chance to spot alligators, turtles, various bird species, and other wildlife in their natural habitat. This immersive Honey Island swamp tour not only provides a thrilling encounter with nature but also instills a sense of appreciation and understanding for the delicate ecosystem. It’s a captivating and educational outing that promises to create lasting memories for the whole family! 

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