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Christmas in New Orleans: Top 3 Gift Shops to Visit

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Celebrate the holiday season in New Orleans by exploring the unique gift shops that offer more than just souvenirs. In this guide, we’ll explore three exceptional establishments that embody the city’s vibrant culture. From the lively French Quarter to the mystical realms of Voodoo and the historic Garden District, these gift shops provide a gateway to the rich heritage of New Orleans.

1. Best Gift Shop for New Orleans Gifts: Dirty Coast

New Orleans gift shops Dirty Coast store front

Kick off your Christmas adventure at Dirty Coast, a vibrant French Quarter gift shop that transcends the ordinary. Dirty Coast boasts over 400 distinctive shirt designs that capture the essence of New Orleans. More than just a place to snag a cool shirt, Dirty Coast is a celebration of the city’s culinary delights, soulful dive bars, and unmissable festivals. 

What sets Dirty Coast apart is its deep connection to the Crescent City. Beyond shirts, Dirty Coast invests in local creators, partners with those making a positive impact, and immerses visitors in the cultural tapestry of New Orleans artists. Whether you’re a native, a recent transplant, or just passing through, Dirty Coast will help you embrace your inner New Orleanian. As a bonus, Dirty Coast hosts an entire section of Christmas-inspired gifts, ready for your choosing! From decorative ornaments to festive sweaters, you’ll be able to share in the celebration of Christmas in New Orleans.

2. Best Voodoo Gift Shop: Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo

new orleans gift shops

Nestled in the heart of New Orleans, Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo offers a unique and immersive experience for those intrigued by the mystical world of Voodoo. This Christmas, experience the holiday magic in a unique setting, as the gift shop stands on the very grounds where Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau II once practiced her rituals. Rumors of Marie Laveau’s ghost haunting the house add an extra layer of intrigue to the visit.

If you’re looking for a unique and authentic Christmas gift to bring back home, step into the House of Voodoo. You’ll encounter a diverse collection of Voodoo-related items, including a central Voodoo Altar that serves as the focal point of the museum and store. Browse through an eclectic selection of spiritual items and books from around the world, and if you’re feeling adventurous, explore the back room where spiritual readings, spells, and Tarot card sessions are offered.

The ambiance is as authentic as it gets, with some visitors reporting subtle, eerie encounters that amplify the mystique of the place. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo provides a fascinating glimpse into the mystical world of Voodoo practices.

3. Best Gift Ship Featuring New Orleans Artists: Zele

New Orleans gift shops Zele NOLA interior and product displays

Discover the charm of Zele, a hidden gem nestled in the historic Garden District of New Orleans. Unlike the bustling French Quarter, Zele offers a more intimate and authentic shopping experience, just a short streetcar ride away. Boasting a curated selection from over 100 local artisans, Zele is a haven for those seeking genuine, locally designed crafts, jewelry, and art. This shop ensures that you experience New Orleans gifts and the artistic community as you explore the diverse offerings that reflect the city’s unique cultural identity.

With a commitment to showcasing the talents of the local creative scene, Zele provides a perfect destination for those looking to bring home one-of-a-kind treasures that capture the spirit of the Garden District and the vibrant soul of New Orleans. This Christmas in New Orleans, let Zele be your haven for unique, locally designed crafts, jewelry, and art, each piece telling a story that resonates with the spirit of the holidays. 

Embracing Christmas in New Orleans

As we wrap up our tour of New Orleans’ unique gift shops—Dirty Coast in the French Quarter, Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo, and Zele in the Garden District—consider extending your holiday exploration beyond the city streets to the Honey Island Swamp with VIP Pearl River Swamp Tours.

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