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Festivals in New Orleans – NOLA Christmas Fest 2023

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Festivals in New Orleans

In the city of New Orleans, festivals are anything but short in supply. From world-famous music festivals to indulgent food festivals, there’s something that will suit just about anybody in the Big Easy. As such, Christmas in New Orleans introduces a unique set of events which can only be found at this cherished time of year. Perhaps the most iconic is the NOLA Christmas Fest, a unique holiday activity that is perfect for local families and tourists alike! In this blog post, we’ll highlight some of the top activities, events, and must-dos at the 2023 New Orleans Christmas Fest.

Top Features and Events of NOLA Christmas Fest 2023

NOLA Christmas Fest kids practicing skating on the Big Freezy ice rink
Source: NOLA Christmas Fest Facebook

Get ready for an action-packed time while you attend NOLA Christmas Fest! This holiday fiasco boasts numerous events and activities for attendees of all ages, ensuring that your itinerary will never be dull. The event features numerous amusement rides, including the all-new Scrooge’s Sled – a giant swinging attraction sure to delight.

If you prefer to put your phone camera into action, no problem. Snap a photo with Kris Kringle himself (after you tell him what you want for Christmas, of course), or strike a pose in front of NOLA Christmas Fest’s giant Christmas tree!

Are you a fan of ice skating? The “Big Freezy” Ice Rink will be open to attendees of all experience levels. For the newbies, you can even reserve ice-skating lessons in advance. After you’ve perfected your skating skills, be sure to try your hand at the Big Freezy Bocce Court, an icy spinoff of the Bocce Ball lawn game. And, of course, the festive Holiday Stage will host numerous live musical performances, storytelling, and sing-alongs for attendees to enjoy. No matter your preference, there’s guaranteed to be an activity you will enjoy at NOLA Christmas Fest.

Food and Drink at NOLA Christmas Fest

NOLA Christmas Fest Peppermint White Russian craft cocktail
Source: NOLA Christmas Fest Facebook

No festival in New Orleans would be complete without a varied menu of food and drink, so it stands to reason that both will be available at NOLA Christmas Fest. From savory to sweet, this event will have it all.

Pick up some New Orleans-style chicken and sausage gumbo either at the Mistletoe Grill or Season’s Eatings, or stop by Prancer’s Pizzaria if you prefer a no-fail slice of pizza. For a snack, be sure to try some roasted cinnamon pecans, almonds, or cashews from The Nutcracker Sweet. For those of proper age, the Polar Pub will be serving up a variety of craft cocktails to enjoy with your meal, including Peppermint White Russians and Eggnog Daiquiris. 

In addition, there are plenty of options for dessert at Mrs. Claus’s Sweet Shop! Indulge in a steaming mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows, or a house-made latte or cappuccino for the coffee lovers. While you chase the cold away sipping on your hot beverage, try pairing it with some freshly fried beignets, s’mores, bread pudding, and much more. Whether you live for your desserts or just like to enjoy a sweet treat every once in a while, NOLA Christmas Fest will have the perfect indulgence for you.

NOLA Christmas Fest Dates and Admissions

nola christmas fest

The Ernest N. Morial Convention Center will play host for the tenth anniversary of NOLA Christmas Fest, taking place from December 21st-30th this year. The festival will begin at 11am, pausing for an hour between 3:30pm-4:30pm before continuing until 9pm. For Christmas Eve and Day, the festival will run between 11am-3:30pm and 1pm-5pm, respectively.

Weekday tickets run at $25, while weekend tickets are $30 per four-and-a-half-hour session. If you tend to carry cash for festivals in New Orleans, make note that NOLA Christmas Fest is card-only! It is also advised that you reserve a parking space in advance as well. Booking in advance will ensure you will have the most seamless and hassle-free experience at NOLA Christmas Fest!

Holiday Fun Beyond the City Limits: Pearl River Swamp Tours

While many of the local holiday festivities such as NOLA Christmas Fest will take place within New Orleans, there are plenty of activities to do in the surrounding areas. Whether it’s your first time in town for the holidays or you’re a local looking to have a little more holiday fun, consider stepping outside and taking an adventure through the unique natural environment of Louisiana. At Pearl River Swamp Tours, we’ll give you the opportunity to do just that!

Our private swamp tour is conducted on custom 10-12 passenger skiffs designed for seamless navigation through the swamp’s intricate corners. Perfect for intimate gatherings with friends and family during the holiday season, this outing guarantees a memorable journey. Winter brings cooler weather, providing a unique opportunity to witness Louisiana wildlife in a way not possible during the busier and warmer summer months. Don’t miss out – include a Pearl River Swamp Tour in your itinerary this Christmas in New Orleans!

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