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Festivals in New Orleans – Brewstock Fest 2023

Home Festivals in New Orleans Festivals in New Orleans – Brewstock Fest 2023

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New Orleans Beer Festival

Get ready for the ultimate celebration of New Orleans’ vibrant culture at Brewstock Fest 2023! As a city renowned for its lively festivals, this year’s Brewstock Festival promises an unforgettable experience. From craft beer tastings to live music and local delicacies, the festival showcases the best of the city’s craft beer culture. Join us in the heart of New Orleans for a day filled with joy, community, and the finest brews, making Brewstock Fest a must-attend event this Fall season. Let’s raise a toast to good times and great memories! 

Festival Culture

Experience the essence of New Orleans’ festival culture as Brewstock Fest 2023 brings together locals and visitors alike. With a rich history of multicultural influences, the festival creates a unique sense of togetherness. This year’s event promises an array of activities, from exploring local breweries’ craft beer offerings to indulging in delectable food and enjoying live music performances. Embrace the spirit of community and revel in the lively atmosphere at Brewstock Fest, an event that truly captures the heart and soul of New Orleans. 

What to Expect at the 2023 Brewstock Fest 

Get ready for a beer lover’s paradise at Brewstock Fest 2023! This relatively new festival offers unlimited beer sampling from a diverse range of craft breweries, including Foxy Brews, CeeGee’s Brewery, Joie Brewing, Brewtanical Gardens, Big Easy Homebrew Club, and more. Engage in the excitement of the People’s Choice and Best Booth competitions, where attendees can vote for their favorite brews and booths. Plus, witness the intense BJCP competition, where skilled judges evaluate the finest beers on offer. 

In addition to beer, the festival is very proud to announce a partnership with the LAPSCA for Brewstock Fest 2023. The LASPCA will be present at this year’s festival, hosting dog adoptions and promoting more of their rescue animals, adding an extra touch of compassion and community to this already incredible event. 

Brewstock Fest Dates & Admission 

festivals in new orleans brewstock fest grounds at UNO

Don’t miss out on the beer extravaganza of the year! The 2nd annual Brewstock Fest will take place on September 23rd. Secure your spot now with early bird tickets priced at $40 before September 1st, or grab regular tickets for $50 starting on September 1st. Your ticket includes a custom printed festival sample cup and unlimited sampling of over 100 beers from various breweries. 

Experience the thrill of voting for the Best of the Fest homebrew and your favorite booth design. Join the fun at the University of New Orleans, just north of the Alumni Center on Levee Road at Lakeshore Drive, from 11 AM to 4 PM for an unforgettable day of craft beer delights! 

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Looking to complement your Brewstock Fest experience this autumn? Look no further than the enchanting Honey Island Swamp Tour! Venture into the heart of nature with Pearl River Swamp Tours and witness the breathtaking beauty of Louisiana’s wetlands.  

Immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings, learning about the diverse wildlife and unique ecosystem. After indulging in the lively atmosphere of Brewstock Fest, the Honey Island Swamp Tour offers a perfect opportunity to unwind and appreciate the natural wonders of New Orleans. From sipping craft beers to exploring the hidden gems of the swamp, this autumn is sure to be an unforgettable adventure! 

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