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Best Place to Eat Crawfish in New Orleans

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You Can't Go Wrong

Boiled crawfish are a cornerstone of New Orleans cuisine. These tiny, delectable shellfish stand apart from other Louisiana classics for two big reasons. The first is that they are prepared and served in huge amounts, making them perfect for parties and other large gatherings. A sack of crawfish big enough to fill the standard boiling pot weighs around 30-35 pounds. The second reason is that crawfish are in season during spring – exactly when the weather is nicest and festival season consumes New Orleans. During the spring months, many locals are known to attend a crawfish boil every weekend! 

Crawfish are a staple in the New Orleans gastronomic scene for more than just their deliciousness – they get cooked with an outdoor boiling method that infuses every single crawfish with bold and spicy Louisiana flavors. The locals will swear by homemade recipes, but if you’re looking for restaurant-quality dishes, plenty of restaurants serve up fresh-from-the pot crawfish. Here are a few popular destinations around town. 

Bevi Seafood Co. 

best place to eat crawfish in new orleans Bevi Seafood Co

Located on Carrollton Avenue in Mid-City, Bevi Seafood Company specializes in a wide range of South Louisiana seafood. Chef Justin LeBlanc was born and raised in the Big Easy, where he has been boiling crawfish for his entire life. The name “Bevi” is derived from his two children’s names – Benjamin and Violet. Bevi Seafood Company’s proximity to I-10 makes it a great crawfish stop on your way to and from the airport. Bevi also serves as a neighborhood seafood market, so you know their crawfish are as fresh as they come!  

Frankie & Johnny’s 

best place to eat crawfish in new orleans

If you care to enjoy your crawfish under the welcoming ambiance of a classic neighborhood restaurant, look no further than Frankie & Johnny’s. This Uptown staple opened in 1942 as a pit stop for hungry dock workers on their way home from the riverfront. Frankie & Johnny’s award-winning spicy crawfish have now been a local favorite for over 75 years. To show off their old-school credentials, they still entertain customers with a jukebox that spins 45 RPM records only. 

Superior Seafood 

best place to eat crawfish in new orleans superior seafood
Source: Superior Seafood on Facebook

Superior Seafood offers a taste of upscale New Orleans dining at affordable prices. This elegant but unpretentious restaurant features a bar imported from Paris, freshly shucked oysters, and first rate boiled crawfish. Superior Seafood’s grandiose façade towers over the intersection of Napoleon Avenue and St. Charles Avenue, making it an iconic backdrop for Mardi Gras parades. 

Clesi’s Crawfish and Catering 

best place to eat crawfish in New Orleans Clesi's Seafood

Clesi’s Crawfish and Catering sells mouth-watering crawfish in a fun, casual environment. This Mid-City favorite is operated by siblings James Clesi, Carlo Clesi, and Sonya DiCarlo. Clesi’s is known for adding a sweet citrusy garlic flavor to their boils. Clesi’s began as a catering operation only, but their brick-and-mortar location has long since evolved into a lively crawfish lovers’ hangout spot. 

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