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Best New Orleans Thanksgiving Volunteer Opportunities in 2023

Home New Orleans Events Best New Orleans Thanksgiving Volunteer Opportunities in 2023

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Thanksgiving is a special time to show gratitude and help others. In New Orleans, the community comes together like a big, warm family, and volunteering is a beautiful way to be part of this family and make a difference. There are many ways to lend a hand, whether it’s sharing a meal, spending time with the elderly, or caring for animals. Let’s dive into the different ways you can spread love and joy by volunteering in New Orleans this Thanksgiving season. 

Help Community-Based Events 

turkey race thanksgiving volunteer opportunities

Joining a local Thanksgiving community event can be a very fun volunteering opportunity. One such event is the 116th Turkey Day Race. Here, you can serve food and water to participants, check in attendees by scanning QR codes or looking up their names, and even snap pictures of the festivities. There are many roles to fill, making it an exciting way to contribute. Besides, being part of such a lively event allows you to experience the warm camaraderie of New Orleans while helping others enjoy their Thanksgiving too.

Support Local Food Banks and Shelters 

Thanksgiving volunteer opportunities second harvest food bank

Serving at local food banks is a heartfelt way to give back. At the New Orleans Mission, a Christian humanitarian group, you can help the homeless and others by serving hot meals or helping in many other ways this Thanksgiving. You could set tables, clean, or even help with deliveries. Another place to volunteer is the Second Harvest Food Bank. Here, you can pack meal kits or help collect donations. These organizations warmly welcome helpers, and by volunteering, you can make someone’s Thanksgiving holidays a bit brighter. 

Volunteer at a Local Animal Shelter 

Thanksgiving volunteer opportunities zeus' place

Spending Thanksgiving at an animal shelter is a heartwarming way to celebrate. Places like Zeus’ Place welcome volunteers to help with dog walking, socializing with the animals, and even fostering pets in need. By giving your time, you can make the day special for dogs and cats waiting for a home. Whether you’re cuddling a cat or taking a dog for a stroll, your love and care can bring joy to these furry companions. Plus, who knows, you might make a new animal buddy to be thankful for! 

Find Another way to Celebrate on a Honey Island Swamp Tour

This Thanksgiving, embark on a magical adventure by taking a Pearl River swamp tour! Picture yourself gliding through tranquil waters, surrounded by lush greenery and spotting local wildlife. It’s a perfect way to appreciate nature’s beauty and give thanks for the wonderful world around us. Invite your family and friends to join in on a Honey Island swamp tour, creating unforgettable Thanksgiving memories together. The calmness of the swamp, the whispers of ancient trees, and the playful dance of the animals await you. So, make this Thanksgiving extra special by booking your Pearl River swamp tour and exploring the natural wonders of the bayou. 

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